Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trick or Treat!!!

Halloween was kind to us this year. Usually trick-or-treating in Minnesota requires gloves, hats, snowsuits, and plenty of tissues. We had the most perfect weather!! It was cool enough that the kids didn't sweat under the layers that I did make them wear, and warm enough that Braedin's hands stayed warm and no noses required wiping. YAY!!
Braedin had such a great time! He really enjoyed himself and I only had to carry him occasionally.

Taryn made a very spooky vampire. This also marked the first year that Taryn didn't poop out after the first few blocks. GO TARYN!!

Braedin just getting into the swing of things.

I am most proud of Devin's costume because I painted it myself. I bought a cheap costume that had a joke of a rib cage on the tunic and no leg bones at all. I took a small paint brush, a can of white latex paint, and my old anatomy textbook and painted a decent ribcage over the old one and on the blank canvas of the pants, painted a pelvic bone and leg bones. I also did his make-up and got several compliments on it.

A few of our neighbors had fog machines going in their yards. I love the way this picture turned out on the camera, and even more after editing it with Picasa.